Research Overview

Across my research, I aim to understand how changes to individual work and work practices influence organizational and field-level outcomes.

For my dissertation, I conducted a 13-month ethnographic study of “Southern Eye Hospital,” an elite teaching hospital in China, in order to examine the influence of artificial intelligence development on work and organizational change. My dissertation analyzes how the development of artificial intelligence led to changing work practices, role relations, and learning processes among medical trainees and doctors. I was a finalist for the 2021 INFORMS/Organization Science Dissertation Proposal Competition.

During the first two years of my PhD, I conducted a 13-month ethnographic study of a distributed financial organization that operated online and engaged in the trading of cryptocurrencies. This study examines how a corrupt coalition was able to deviate from the legitimate trading activities of the organization and engage in widespread market manipulation. A paper (with Claus Rerup) based on this study has received a revise and resubmit at Administrative Science Quarterly.

Working Papers

Spencer, Bryan and Claus Rerup. [Title Withheld] Cryptocurrency Market Manipulation (Revise and resubmit at Administrative Science Quarterly)

  • Nominated: EGOS Best Student Paper Award 2021

  • Nominated: 2020 Strategic Management Society Annual Conference: Conference Best Paper Prize; Best PhD Paper Prize; Strategy Practice Interest Group Best Paper Prize

Spencer, Bryan and Claus Rerup. [Title Withheld] Microprocesses of Performance Feedback Amid Multiple Goals (Reject and resubmit at Organization Science)

Spencer, Bryan, Claus Rerup, and Carlo Salvato. [Title Withheld] Interorganizational Routines and Alliance Conflict (Under Review)

Spencer, Bryan. [Title Withheld] Artificial Intelligence Development and Professions (Preparing for submission)

  • AOM Annual Meeting Best Paper Proceedings (August 2022)

Spencer, Bryan. [Title Withheld] Data work and learning (Preparing for submission)

  • Finalist: EGOS That’s Interesting! Paper Award 2022 (Winner will be announced July 2023)

Works in Progress

Spencer, Bryan. “Stepping into the Unknown: Dual Identity Construction of Doctors as Entrepreneurs” (Data analysis in progress)

Lodge, Jan, Bryan Spencer, Laura Claus, and Claus Rerup. “When We Kill: An Analysis of Capital Punishment Routine Dynamics in the U.S.” (Data analysis in progress)

Additional information can be found on my CV.